Registration Information

Schools and clubs need to complete the Florida FPS Enrollment Form before registering.

School or club enrollment is a $150 fee for the academic year.

This enrollment fee includes program materials for all components, one coach registration at Affiliate Competition ($50 value), one voucher for the FPSPI Store ($35 value), and online information, component support, and training sessions.

Once enrolled, you will receive access to all materials. You will receive an invoice for enrollment and your registration form prefilled for your school within 7 business days. FLFPS utilizes Google Docs, Drive, and Sheets for official forms and registration. Please make sure you have access to a Google account either through your school or personal email or by creating a free Google account. Please include this email on your enrollment form.

Enrollments must be completed by the end of the day, on 10/16/2023.

FL FPS Enrollment Form